Cablesson HDElity 1x2 Toslink S/PDIF Audio Splitter - 2 Way Toslink Digital Optical SPDIF Audio 1x2 Splitter Adaptor

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Key Features

1 Toslink audio input to 2 Toslink audio output

Easy to send 2 optical Toslink links to zone systems

Surround Sound 5.1 digital audio 2 Channel LPCM

No signal loss on both outputs

Power line filtering - eliminates switching power supply noise


The Cablesson HDElity 1x2 TOSLINK S/PDIF Audio Splitter offers the cost effective way to duplicate digital TOSLINK S/PDIF signal and users can easily have two identical S/PDIF through common use TOSLINK connectors.
With the built-in amplifier digital signal can keep the signal integrity for two digital outputs without any signal loss.
Simply connect Toslink cable from audio source and connect the 2 outputs to your audio systems.
LPCM stands for Linear Pulse Code Modulation. Sometimes you will see "20 bit LPCM" or "24-bit LPCM" or "24 bit" uncompressed on the disc cases. The more bits the higher the resolution and the better the sound. It encodes a single sound channel. It supports uncompressed 2-channel LPC digital audio signal output.
Suitable for use with your PS3 PS4 XBOX ONE Blu-Ray CD/DVD Player set top box PCs or other Hi-Fi and home cinema equipment.
The Splitter supports cables distances of up to 5m in and 5m out (for each output)

Designed in Oxford United Kingdom