Cablesson - HDeilty HDMI Extender over Single CAT5e/6 - 1080p HDMI

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Key Features

Supports Full HD 3D (1080p). One piece of CAT5/6 cables can substitute HDMI cables to achieve long distance transmission (up to 50m).

Transmission distance can be up to 50 metres for 1080p resolution using CAT6 cables Thanks to Auto-adjustment of feedback equalisation and amplifying the user does not need to care about the length of the cable.

Signalling rates of up to 1.65Gbps in full support of Cablesson - HDMI over Ethernet Single CAT5/6 Extender displays Supports 12-bit per channel (36-bit all channels) deep colour.

Supports uncompressed 2 channel audio such as LPCM and Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Compatible with HDMI v1.4.

Follows the Standard of IEEE-568B Termination. Designed in Oxford United Kingdom. Official Cablesson Product.


HDMI 1.4 supported and has the additional support for Deeper colour alternative colour space Automatic Lip-sync adjustment Higher video resolution up to 1080p HD Audio Bit-stream etc. Cablesson - HDMI over Ethernet Single CAT5/6 Extender is equipped with HDMI connector and is capable of supporting DVI equipment when used with an HDMI to DVI Adapter provides greater flexibility and options when integrating several home theatre components.

The New Cablesson HDMI over Ethernet Extender uses one CAT5/6 cable to extend the HDTV display up to 50 metres for the full 1080p signal. It is not only breaking the limitations of the HDMI cable transmission length but also has more flexibility and convenience in cable construction. HDMI cables are fixed and unchangeable after they have been produced. Because the HDMI connector can only be soldered or terminated by the manufacturer the users can not reduce or increase the cable by themselves. However CAT5/6 Cables are available everywhere and can be processed easily by the users or installer.

Basically deep colour expands the colours on the display from millions to billions. This gives a vividness and colour accuracy which has not seen before in display technology. The newest Deep Colour format gives an improvement in the quality of the picture. Cablesson - HDMI over Ethernet Single CAT5/6 Extender offers solutions for residential consumers: HDTV retailers and show site HDTV STUB DVD and Projector factories noise space and security concerns data centre control information distribution conference room presentation schools and corporate training environments.
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