Apple iPad / iPhone 4 Bluetooth Mini Keyboard (Waterproof Flexible Keyboard)

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Key Features

- Works with iPad / iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (with OS4 Update)

- Bluetooth Keyboard that works with iPad 3G and Wifi models and iPhone 4G

- Comes with a retractable USB cord so you can recharge the keyboard

- Ultra-thin design

- Small portable space saving design


Take control of your iPad or iPhone with the Reveware Apple iPad Flexible Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard. This keyboard has an innovative folding design which allows you to quickly fold it away and carry around you everywhere.
It is suitable for various workplaces: it can be used in a wet environment; it can be used in a dirty and dusty condition and even in the dust; it can be cleaned by using alcohol or disinfectant.
Works with Apple iPad 3Gs Apple iPhone 3Gs and 4G and the latest generation iPod Touch running the 4.0 OS. Comes with a retractable USB cord so you can recharge the keyboard usb Bluetooth adapter so it can be used with a mac or pc or linux.
Works with phones that use Symbian 6.0 Windows Mobile 6.0 and Android system and you can fold it up and easily carry it around with you.
Portable (just fold it up and take it with you) Waterproof USB Rechargeable Washable.
Connecting to iPad/ iPhone4 or newer devices

Turn on the Bluetooth on the iPad/iPhone 4 and then turn on the power on the keyboard press connect on the keyboard the red star will start blinking and it keeps blinking until it is sync'd or times out. Have the iPad/iPhone 4 search for Bluetooth devices select the keyboard after iPad/iPhone 4 finds it and then the iPad/iPhone 4 will give you a code to type on the Bluetooth keyboard using the # keys on the keyboard and press ENTER. It should connect the 2 devices together
Connecting to iOS4
Connecting to iPhone 3GS
Upgrade phone to iOS4 or newer and follow the instructions above for iPad. The iPhone 3G does not support Bluetooth keyboard even with iOS4.
Package contains: Black Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard Bluetooth USB Adapter Retractable USB cable CD User Manual.

Designed in Oxford United Kingdom